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snack- peanut butter
snack - avo salad
snack - fruit


(Around 100kcals each)

  • Fruit (V)

Any portion of fruit of choice,


  • Nuts! (V)

1tbsp mixed nuts OR 4 walnut halves OR 4 Brazil nuts


  • Avocado salad (V)

A bowl of mixed leaves with ½ a small avocado


  • Celery boats. (V)

Fill 3 celery sticks with 3 tbsp reduced fat hummus cut into pieces

  • Cream Cheese Oat Cakes, (V)

Top 2 oatcakes with 1tbsp low fat herby soft cheese and top with cucumber slices


  • Peanut butter toast(V)

Top 1 slice wholemeal toast with 1tbsp no added salt or sugar peanut butter


  • Raspberry Yoghurt. (V)

Mix one small pot fat free Greek yoghurt with 1 handful mashed raspberries


  • Homemade salsa (V)

Salsa made from 2 chopped tomatoes, ½ a diced small red onion, garlic, chilli lime juice, season with coriander and black pepper to taste. Serve with 2 breadsticks and 3 celery sticks.

  • Fruit salad. (V)

Fruit salad made from 1 kiwi fruit, 2 handfuls summer berries and 1 handful grapes.


  • Creamy boiled egg (V)

Cut one hardboiled egg in half lengthways, remove the yolk and mash with 1tbsp low fat herby cream cheese, spoon yolk back into white and serve with snipped chives and green salad.


  • Crumpet (V)

1 crumpet toasted spread with a little low fat spread.


  • Nutty Apple

Cut 1 medium apple into slices and spread with 1tbsp crunchy low sugar low salt peanut butter


  • Beans on toast (V)

1small tin reduced fat & salt baked beans on 1 slice wholemeal toast










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