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lunch - tuna sweetcorn jkt
lunch greek salad pitta
Lunch- mango chicken rice salad


(Around 350kcals each)

  • Tuna and Sweetcorn Jacket potato

Mix ½ can tuna in water (drained) with 2tbsp sweetcorn (defrost if frozen) and 2tbsp quark a little lemon juice and zest, with a good grind of black pepper, serve in a medium sized jacket potato (about the size of your clenched fist) and salad


  • Cheese and vegetable omelette (V)

Defrost 2 handfuls frozen vegetables (use whatever you have, broccoli, Mixed veg, spinach whatever you like) heat a small non stick frying pan and spray with a little oil, add the veg then pour in 2 beaten eggs, cook until almost set then sprinkle 2tbsp grated reduced fat cheddar cheese over and pop under a preheated hot grill to melt, serve with salad and a 5cm piece of granary French stick.


  • Guacamole and tomato wrap (V)

Mash 1 small avocado with crushed garlic, lemon juice, chilli sauce and black pepper,

To taste, spread over a wholemeal wrap top with sliced tomato and rocket then wrap to serve.


  • Oatcakes with cream Cheese and Salmon

Top 4 oatcakes with 2tbsp low fat soft cream cheese mixed with a little horseradish and dill to taste, mixed with ½ small can pink salmon, serve with small green salad.


  • Greek salad Pitta (V)

Chop ½ a small red onion with 2 ripe tomatoes, a large chunk of cucumber and ½ a green pepper. Toss with 50g crumbled reduced fat feta cheese 5 black olives, white wine vinegar and 1tsp olive oil serve in 1 wholemeal pitta.


  • Goat’s cheese and roasted pepper melt.

Cut an 8cm piece Granary baguettein half lengthwaystop with2 chopped roasted red peppers from a jar (drained)and 50g crumbled goats cheese, Place under a hot grill until cheese melts, top with a handful of rocket.


  • Chicken mango and rice salad.

Make a salad from 1 small cooked skinless chicken breast, 5tbsp cooked brown rice, ½ chopped ripe mango, 1 handful steamed asparagus spears and 2 handfuls of mixed salad leaves. Combine the juice of ½ lime 1tsp olive oil and some chopped coriander, and dress salad with mix.


  • Pasta, Tuna & Pea salad.

Cook 6tbsp wholemeal pasta and mix with 6 cherry tomatoes,3 spring onions, a chunk of cucumber, 3tbsp peas ½ can tuna in water (drained) add zest and juice of ½ a lemon and black pepper to taste.


  • Soup and toast (V)

½ cartoon or can of vegetable, bean or lentil soup, with 2 sliced wholemeal bread toasted topped with 2tbsp low fat soft cream cheese.


  • Cheesy beans on toast (V)

Top 2 slices of wholemeal toast with 1 small tin of reduced sugar and salt baked beans and 1 tbsp low fat grated cheddar cheese










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