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About Annie

Hi there every one

Thank you for looking at my website.

As you can see from my photos, I know what it is to be overweight. To struggle with what to eat, how much and when. I was looking for help and advice, and all I found was health care professionals who had no idea what my life was like, who would tell me not to eat chips all the time or don’t fry my food - Don't get me wrong there are good ones out there I am sure, I just never found one.

Or diet clubs, who let’s face it- their plans work as long as you keep going back and paying them your money.

I wanted something that was relevant to me and the way I live - a busy Mum with Hubby and two adult daughters at home something I could cook for myself or scale up for everyone to enjoy.

I love food and as a former chef I know how to cook, but the recipes I produce are designed to be fool proof.

I know that I have a weight problem and as such I will have one all of my life but the thought of a diet filled me with dread- It isn't coincidence you know that that the start of diet is the word DIE - I felt I died a little every time I thought restrictions and no go foods

I have in total lost over 22stone, through a combination of diet and exercise - Yes sorry people you do actually have to MOVE! And whilst looking for an exercise I could do and actually enjoy I found a fitness class run by a lovely lady called Rachel Cozens and her associate Steph Edwards, It was with their help and motivation I discovered I loved exercise and studied to be a fitness instructor so I could cover them.

It was during this time my mum was diagnosed with cancer, she was the one who told me to go help people - teach them what I knew and she paid for my nutritional qualifications as a birthday present so I would have the knowledge to back up my common sense.

So here we are 8 years later, I still have to watch what I eat, I do suffer with problems with my knees from all those years of being so overweight, so I don’t exercise as much as I would like too.

I now produce healthy eating plans for over 30 fitness instructors and health coaches nationwide, including the Your Plan your Way and 44U plans and we can't all be wrong can we!

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